D.R. Stockton & Pocket Change

David Stockton performing at Lockport's 'Flight of Five'
restoration kick-off ceremony, October 9, 2013 at the Canal Street Gazebo
(Photo by Dennis Stierer)

The versatile ensemble “Pocket Change” can perform as duo, trio, quartet, and so on depending on your budget and needs.

Pocket Change featuring band leader David Stockton on six and seven string guitar, flute and vocals, performs at clubs, casinos, and events across the Buffalo-Niagara Region and features some of the area’s finest musical talent.

Stockton also performs extensively as a soloist on seven string guitar and vocal.

The seven string allows uniquely for the playing of independent bass and rythym guitar parts creating the illusion of two guitarists at the same time.

Pocket Change draws from a wide catalog of eclectic tunes that David utilizes in his solo performances.

© DR Stockton