D.R. Stockton Music & Art

David R. Stockton
Musician, Composer, Artist,
Documentary Photographer
Historical Architecture Preservationist

David is pictured here with Lockport's "Flight of Five" in the background. Opened in 1825, these original cut stone locks were an important part of the Erie Barge Canal's role in not only the growth of Western New York, but also the Western expansion of America.

David Stockton is a lifelong Musician/Artist as well as Documentary Photographer and Historic Architecture Preservationist. He has lived in the Erie Canal communities of Lockport and Middleport his whole life. David is a product of Lockport’s public school system.

Stockton is a full time Professional Musician whether working events and establishments with the band, “Pocket Change” or entertaining solo at senior homes reviving the songs of eras gone by.

In 2010, Stockton performed at holiday assemblies for two Lockport Elementary schools. The holiday shows were well received and inspired him to further explore musical performance for school children.

David has since put together three “Historic Journeys through American Song” programs for WNY schools that align with New York State curriculum. Students will take pride in learning how the Niagara Frontier played a vital role in our Nation’s history and expansion.

Stockton is a versatile, old school musician who performs “live in the moment” without pre-recorded backing tracks.

The show features inspired vocals and the big sound of 7 string guitar. In addition, David takes students to another place with rich melodies played on flute backed by percussion.

Most importantly, student participation is woven into the shows with sing-alongs, handclapping, percussion instruments, and more.

Setting the stage will be a backdrop of historic images (posters of American Musicians and Composers) and musical artifacts. Among these, a record player, albums, boom box, 8-track player, and an old wooden tube radio to expose students to technologies that preceded the IPod. With the playing and display of musical instruments, Stockton seeks to inspire children to learn to play a musical instrument.

The “Historic Journeys through American Song” programs are kid friendly with humor and fun for all ages.

© DR Stockton